Our Features

Trusted and Professional Building Services - Becoming Tamil Nadu's leading residential construction contractor is no small feat. It takes vast expertise, superior customer service, &a lot of integrity to be trusted in the tamilnadu construction industry.


PR Engineers & Contractors has been one of the top residential construction contractors in tamilnadu for over a decade. From small plumbing and electrical repairs to complete renovations, we have done it all.


Integrity is often a foreign concept in the construction industry. Our company was founded on several basic tenets that have kept us at the top of our game.

Quality of Work

Working with PR Engineers & Contractors is a breeze. We care a lot about our customers, which means we're always ready to go the extra mile for you. It's our job and our honour to deliver the best work as fast as we can.

Customer Service

We have a long list of satisfied customers. We also include a list of references with each free estimate so that you can contact previous customers directly and talk to them about their experience with us.